My Fourth Year as a Freshmen!

My senior year, I am living somewhere new: St. Martin’s! After three wonderful years in St. Ann’s, this change of scenery is more than welcome. As a third year RA, I joke that this is my fourth year as a freshmen, as I happily reside in St. Martins on the 13th floor.

Though I am one of few upperclassmen on this side of campus, I want to highlight a few positives of staying on campus as an upperclassman!


– Just one rent bill: In both freshmen living learning centers, and upperclassmen buildings, the bills will come in one lump. For example, from my short summer stint in Brottier, I received only one bill each month, including rent, cable, air-conditioning, and electricity. This is much easier to manage and keep track up, especially with all the stress of studying and time management.

– Safety: Though we live in the relatively safe city of Pittsburgh, having a police department right in your yard brings that added safety that living on off campus housing cannot.

– Ease: Some of my friends have trouble getting to class on time (or at all!!) because of the commute from the South Side of other parts of the city, especially without a car. Living in an upperclassman building ensures that you are on campus and brings that added incentive to get to class every day.

the view from my room!
the view from my room!

– My favorite thing about Martin’s so far: the view!! If you’ve lived in St Ann’s, you know the view, while beautiful, does not have any city-front windows. Now, I wake up every morning, pull up my blinds, and look at the beautiful city that I call home!




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