My First Rodeo (Semi-Graphic)

\Though I spent the last week traveling, during Ferias I went to a bullfight to see what all the commotion was about. Walking up to the Corrida was a very normal feeling. There was a crowd, pictures being taken, some monuments; it seemed just like a typical Steeler game. As of that moment, I felt like I was finally fitting in.

Entering the building, I was asked why my ticket said special, but I didn’t know why. I stuttered and eventually made out the words I’m in a group as the man just stared at me asking for the I.D. that I didn’t have on me. I eventually made it in, once again confused. The inside was beautiful, art was hanging all over and there were a few stands to sell food and beverages.

Just like a Steeler game... right?

As we sat down, a man discussed to us the reason of bullfighting and how it is more of an art than a sport. Some say that the bull is representative of a minotaur in greek mythology. As we sat, a beautiful display of torreros and their companions paraded down the stadium. Music played, and as I would eventually find out the music is a very important part in setting what stage the fight is on.

As for the fight, the torrero and his team test the bull for a little and as another round of music plays two men on horses come out to the arena. One of them will stab the bull to weaken it for the torrero to start his fight. Next the torrero (sometimes his teammates) will have six (in total) banderillas to stab into the bull near it’s spinal cord. This goes in three rounds of two banderillas.

the second round of Banderillas

After all six are placed in the bull, they move to the next stage where the torrero has a sword behind his cape, and he will stab the bull once after a little bit of taunting, then exchange the sword for a sanitary one to make the final killing blow. Though it seems cruel, this is culture for the Spanish people and it actually comes off in a beautiful display and the passion from the crowd only helps it’s charm.

Lining it up

My experience, overall, was great. I loved seeing how the Spanish people are in a bullfight and having this once in a lifetime event before my eyes. Though, they only have bullfights during special occasions, I would love to go to another as soon as possible. But for now, my memories will have to suffice.


-Angus Leydic

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