my first night on campus

i’ve been on campus for twenty four hours now, and its quite the experience. i’ve met the girls on my floor, stayed up with them until three a.m., met my r.a., and met my blogging advisor. the rooms are nice and the food is alright. starbucks is my second home for now, as well as the book store.

moving in was an experience. when you arrive on campus, you’re direct to where you’ll be living. it takes a few minutes but you get there eventually, and when you do, a swarm of upperclassmen with this giant hopper surround your car. they unload everything and have you go check in at the front of your building to get your key. they take everything to your room for you. the only job that you really have is to unpack everything. that, in itself, is a task. it took me a good amount of time to get everything unpacked and in a decent order.

its also very important that you go check in with the orientation crew and get your t-shirts, packets, and schedules for the next week. they also have your passes that show that you’re a freshman and grant you access to all the stuff that goes on. also make sure you keep your DU ID card on you at all times. that’s a vital part of life here, from what i can tell.

other than that, just go out and have fun! enjoy meeting your roommate (if you have one) and meeting the people on your floor. don’t sit in your room all night and don’t be afraid to talk to people. everyone is in the same position as you are and probably feeling just as awkward.

for me, tonight, its off to the graffiti dance, after my first team meeting (TEAM 90!!!). i’ll be taking a video and hopefully giving you a taste of how much fun orientation and duquesne’s campus life really is! keep an eye out for it!!


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