Music Musings and Manners

I originally joined the Duquesne Blogging Club in late September and it has taken me the whole month of October to get my act together enough in order to be able to sit down and write a good blog. This is my first, and hopefully not last, post.

So for my first blog I would like to address the issue of music, which is a broad topic but I’ll narrow it down, I promise.

First off, music is great. It’s been around for a long time (actual date unknown but psalms were being sung during Jesus’s time so let’s agree that it has a substantial history) and pretty much everyone has a favorite genre, band, or instrument.

One of music’s greatest attributes is its variety.  Me, I love those oldies but goodies. In the 7th grade I got my hands on one of my dad’s Beatles CDs and it was love at first guitar strum and ‘ya ya ya’ chorus. My sister, on the other hand, considers the twang of country music enjoyable and my mother couldn’t tell you a single artist or song title but she’ll happily belt out whoever we put on her iPod for her. My grandparents’ radio is stuck on the Classical channel and my friends know all the pop and rap songs of today.

With these differing genres should come respect. I know a lot of my peers don’t particularly like my music (probably because it’s their parents music that they’re forced to listen to in the car during trips) and therefore I don’t press it on them. I’ll listen along to rap and pop songs even if they’re not my favorite but I won’t complain just because it’s not my music.

Recently my boss decided to play classic rock on the loud speakers at my work. I had a good time singing along to it but my co-worker made it known to everyone that she did not like this music. Its okay to dislike a type of music but it’s not okay to make another feel bad about their musical preferences. Ever.

And speaking of what’s right and wrong, it is always wrong to play your music so loud that it is audible through your head phones. Don’t be that kid sitting before a class with Lady Gaga blasting for the entire class to hear. It’s rude, it’s tasteless, and it’s probably annoying everyone around you so much that they’re sending you death stares.  In the library, on the bus, in the elevator—doesn’t matter where. Don’t do it. Headphones were creating so that an individual can enjoy their music by themselves without everyone else hearing it.

Music is meant to be enjoyed and shared and celebrated. Disliking music can also be a bridge between two people. I may not be able to talk about retirement and bills with my friends’ dad but I can agree with him that music has gone downhill since the days of Sinatra and Crosby. It doesn’t matter what type of music gets you grooving or cheers you up or expresses everything your heart can’t. It only matters that you enjoy your music while respecting the music of others. Who knows, maybe a tolerance of country music could help me get along with my sister—so long as she doesn’t try to make me wear cowboy boots. I draw the line there.



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