On Tuesday, as I was getting settled into my philosophy class, I saw a classmate raise her hand out of the corner of my eye. Upon being called, the girl asked about the format of the paper. Confused, I thought to myself “what paper?” My professor, though, to my dismay, explained the format of the MIDTERM paper that was due NEXT WEEK. I, of all people, should not be shocked. I have been at Duquesne since early August and should certainly have that desire for Christmas and home to inch closer and closer. Instead, I am perfectly content at school and shocked at the fact that midterms are in just one week. (In fact, midterm grades are due October 8th!!)

As a first semester sophomore, I am taking fifteen credits, five little classes that keep me busier than ever. I am taking several cores (Basic Philosophical Questions, Theological Ethics, French 102) and I also picked up Intro to Psychology and Women and Gender Studies. Despite the largely required selection, I am the happiest with my classes that I have been a Duquesne thus far – every professor and class is great! As you can tell, my course load this semester is not very heavy and thank goodness for that!

I have become involved in several (sometimes it feels like too many) activities on campus. I am often running from one place to another with very little time in between. My parents, always proud yet always concerned, keep begging me to drop something from my load just to have a little time to sleep… or even relax (whatever that means). But each thing I have become a member of at Duquesne University is truly already embedded in my passions and heart.

In separate blogs, I will feature these passions of mine, but for now, if you are interested in becoming involved in any of the following, feel free to contact me for guidance!

  • Strong Women, Strong Girls
  • Residence Life
  • Greek Life



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