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I am always so surprised when people say that Pittsburgh is boring. What?! Dig a little, and you will find a range of activities to do.

This weekend, the Cultural Trust is putting on the Gallery Crawl. Many local artists get to display their works, and we all get to enjoy it… for free!

There’s always an array of art types, from a cartoonist, to a photographer letting people dress up and pose on their own, to sketches of people trying (and failing) to be perfect. It is located all around the cultural district downtown, on Penn and Liberty. This time, there was also a market near the Cell Phone Disco with bunches of food and more local artisans.

Don’t have time this weekend? Art not your scene? That’s okay, too! There is always tons of stuff, but here’s a link to bunches of FREE stuff around Pittsburgh. Who’s going to make some plans? RADical Days is put on by the county, but only until October 13th!

Okay, you’re bored by the arts and would much rather go see a game?

I understand, so here’s a link to an article from CBSlocal about student deals for sporting events!
Go out, don’t hesitate, just go have some fun and find something new!


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