life’s biggest question…

who am i?

yeah, you’ve all asked yourselves that at lease once. sometimes, i ask myself multiple times a day. do i get an answer? no. quite frankly, i’m okay with that. some of the time.

i’ve been talking to my friend back home a lot lately. she seems to think that since i’ve been here i’ve become a different person than i was when i left toronto. i think she’s right and quite honestly, i don’t like it one bit. since i’ve been here, i’ve broken a few rules that i set for myself. i’ve done things that i promised myself i wouldn’t do, and i think it’s mainly because i’ve never really been a normal teenager. i’ve always been really mature for my age and i just end up playing mommy in every situation. being irresponsible isn’t my thing though.

i’ve skipped some classes, most for being sick, but some for lack of doing work. i thought that i could skip some classes and get caught up, but i was really wrong. going to every class is very very important, so if you can help it, do NOT miss class. every single thing that you go over in every class has some significance.

i think that this is time for me to take responsibility for my actions and realize that there are more important things going on in my life other than movie night with my floor and going to southside. i definitely need to do my work to my full potential and i need to start being responsible again. maybe this is just a freshman thing, but even if that’s the case, i don’t wanna have it carry over into my sophomore year.

yes, college is about self discovery and learning who you are. but make sure that when you do discover it, its the right path. there are a lot of different was to go here. just don’t be stupid about it, and make the responsible decision. take the right path.

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