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personaeThe time is coming for all incoming freshmen to make the decision about their learning communities.  This Saturday, at the Open House, everyone will be able to ask questions at a panel concerning the learning communities.

In anticipation of that, we will be highlighting different learning communities this week with basic information and some quotes from past students of that community.

As always, if you have any questions about the communities email liberalarts@duq.edu

From the Duquesne website:

parts, roles, characters, personalities

Consider how individuals and groups shape one another.

Director: Dr. Leswin Laubscher
Department of Psychology

View a slide show that describes the exciting program PERSONAE has planned for 2008-09.

Watch a movie about PERSONAE’s organ donation service-learning project in 2007-08.

PERSONAE resident students live in St. Ann Living-learning Center:
Men – St. Ann, 3rd floor East
Women – St. Ann, 3rd floor West

For a look at Duquesne’s campus, take the virtual tour. St. Ann is #34 on the map.


Fall 2008

UCOR 101C, Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum, Ms. Christine Gipko and Ms. Erin O’Driscoll
COMM 103C, Exploring Interpersonal Communication, Dr. Bell O’Neil
PSYCH 103C, Introduction to Psychology, Dr. Leswin Laubscher

Spring 2009

PJCR 100C, Peace, Justice and Conflict Resolution, Dr. Daniel Lieberfeld

What students have said about Personae:

“It has helped me to be more comfortable with my transition into college.  I was able to form friendships with this group of people where I think I would not have as much if we only had a single class together.  I have also been able to get to know these instructors better than others.”

“Our service learning, although frustrating to do at times, was very interesting and eye-opening to me.  It allowed me to bond with my group in working towards an important cause.”

“The learning community really helped me warm up to Duquesne since I didn’t know anyone when I got here.”

“I really enjoyed the service-learning project.  I think it was a great way to start off my service career here at Duquesne and I had a lot of fun doing so.”

“The most fun part of my learning community was our service-learning project.  I felt like I was helping to give back to the community.”

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