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The time is coming for all incoming freshmen to make the decision about their learning communities.  This Saturday, at the Open House, everyone will be able to ask questions at a panel concerning the learning communities.

In anticipation of that, we will be highlighting different learning communities this week with basic information and some quotes from past students of that community.

As always, if you have any questions about the communities email liberalarts@duq.edu

From the Duquesne website:


state, citizenship, city-state

Prepare to make a difference in community and governance.

Director: Dr. Lewis Irwin
Department of Political Science

CIVITAS resident students live in St. Martin Living-learning Center:
Men – St. Martin, 3rd floor
Women – St. Martin, 8th floor

For a look at Duquesne’s campus, take the virtual tour. St. Martin is #31 on the map.


CIVITAS students are participating in on-campus non-partisan voter registration push. Plus, each student has selected one of three other political participation activities:

  • Democratic campaign activities
  • Republican campaign activities
  • Off-campus non-partisan voter engagement and awareness activities. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette profiled one of these activities, led by student Deana Munoz and facilitated by The League of Young Voters.


Fall 2008

UCOR 101C, Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum, Ms. Rita Allison
HIST 151C, Shaping of the Modern World, Dr. Tsekani Browne
POLSC 105C, American National Government, Dr. Lewis Irwin

Spring 2009

HISTY 203C, History of the United States I, Dr. Perry Blatz

Here’s what past Civitas students have had to say:

“The most engaging aspect of being part of a learning community was the service-learning project. I just thought it was fun and an experience that isn’t available to everyone.”

“The fact that we have 3 or 4 classes with the same people is great.  It’s helpful to have study groups of people you know well.”

“It makes studying much easier.  Studying no longer is boring; the learning community allows you to get feedback from other students.  It helps create study groups easily.  It also helps you become acquainted fast with a group of friends.”

“I loved it.”

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