Learning about Linguistics

Believe it or not, I went to the first session of one of my classes tonight. I missed the first week of Linguistics because I changed my class schedule after the first class. The next Monday was MLK Day, and last week the professor cancelled. I was excited to learn about Linguistics, considering the Wikipedia definition was not doing much for me: the scientific study of natural language…Huh?

After spending hours teaching myself the first week’s lesson and meeting with my professor before class, I was ready for my last new class! The topic was hard to grasp at first, but the numerous exercises we went over helped instill it in my brain.

A small part of the class is learning about real life implications of linguistics in the language around us everyday. A group today presented on PBS’s video series and website “Do You Speak American?” The website is actually really interesting and has tons of games and puzzles about regional dialects and variations of the English language. One of my favorite parts was the entire page on “Pittsburghese.” Yes, Pittsburgh has botched the language so much we get an entire page! :) Take a look at the Pittsburghese page, and don’t be afraid to click around!



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