The 5 Most Wonderful Lessons Learned by Being a Barista

Caffeine. All I see is caffeine!
Take some time off and enjoy one of these!

We’re all there right now– that point where we all tunnel vision until we’re finally at home, feeling like wrung rags after finals. We all are short on sleep, we are all stressed beyond belief, and are frequenting whatever is the closest available establishment offering caffeine. All this stress can lead to some social mistakes. While I completely and utterly understand this, it does not mean that we should be impolite. I’ve mentioned before that I work as a barista (or the girl that makes your lattes) at a coffee shop back home. I love my job, but I’ve noticed that there are some valuable lessons to be learned from being “latte girl.” They’re always important to remember, but especially right now at our nerves’ ends, when we are all in need of some caffeine… and some pleasant people.


1. When mixing the milk and espresso together, tilt them both so they meet in the middle.
This is so they mix well, instead of having one sit on top of the other.
This is also how you get the cool designs on top of your latte: compromise.

2. Always say please.
This is why everyone should work in the service industry at some point: you have no idea how much an unexpected “Please!” can mean.

3. Be the bigger person.
People can really stink up a room with pungent personalities sometimes. But oftentimes, if you express your hope that their days improve, their moods will, too. Never, ever snap back—you’re only aggravating the odor by adding yourself to it.

4. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with someone you don’t know.
You can meet the coolest people and have the best conversations this way. Everyone likes to tell stories to interested ears. Personally, the more pleasant conversations I have had, the more my faith in humanity as a whole has grown (despite the additional amount of grumpy people encountered, as well).

5. Put love into everything you do.
A half-effort latte just tastes gross. A latte with a heart on top is the most delicious beverage ever to exist. So with everything in life.


Enjoy your days… and coffees.

And good luck on finals!

Love always,
Brooke Tenison

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