Last Stop: Graduation

mcanulty-graduationTo the 2013 senior class: the marathon that we refer to as college is almost over. It’s hard to believe that our four years on the Bluff, a place that we have called our home away from home, is slowly coming to a close. Although this is a sad time, this also can be a time for us to reflect on the many memories that have woven our four years into one, great part of our lives.

Whether it was the Milano’s college special or Tower’s Late Night, we have all had the chance to indulge in fine dining at the odd hours of the morning! Maybe some of your best memories were late nights in your dorms, sitting on A-walk with friends, or climbing the ever-dreaded South Side steps. Those were all good times, however, I think one memory that lives on is that we still think of Tad’s in the South Side as Barry’s and Levelz as South Side 86. These are only just a few of the many memories that most of the senior class has lived through. I’m sure everyone has those memories that, upon reflection, can make you laugh, cry or maybe do a little bit of both.

Aside from these memories that we have from our week(end) escapades, I think it’s safe to say that most of us have made memories through our studies. Whether it was your first ‘A’ in college or that moment in class when the teacher’s instruction suddenly makes sense, we have grown from that confused freshman who is still trying to figure out how to actually study to a confused graduate who is still trying to figure out where our future will lead.

Whether we like it or not, we are about to embark on our futures, a time that seemed so far in the distance that we never thought that it would actually arrive. That time has come and it’s our chance to put all of the life lessons that we absorbed during these four years to good use. So on May 4, as we cross the finish line of one marathon and when the Dean places the coveted diploma into our hands, it’s almost like he is handing over a baton that encourages us to move on and embark on another marathon; the marathon known as our future.

So seniors, accept that diploma with pride, take chances, dare to be great and remember all those cherished memories that you created at Duquesne.

Congratulations and good luck to Duquesne University’s graduating class of 2013!

–Maria Londino

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