Keepin it Fresh with Freshens

The line on one of freshen's opening days.
Freshens, Duquesne’s new eating establishment, is here at last!

At long last the new eating establishment is here, guys! Freshens, our latest-on campus eatery, replaces our old Jamba Juice and brings with it delicious meals and snacks for your busiest days. (Let’s face it, with finals and all, we’re pretty busy!)

I’ve personally been waiting for it for a while. Freshens is the first place where you can get crêpes when the hunger pangs strike. If you ask me, crepes are basically skinny French pancakes, filled with whatever you want. You can get crepes with chicken, turkey, and my personal favorite, tomato-mozzarella-basil.

But Crepes are certainly not all Freshens has. They have Froyo, and burritos, and salads in crepe bowls and all different kinds of smoothies made naturally. (For all you gym rats out there, they have calorie counts and fairly guilt-free meals.)

They also have a unique, friendly approach to their customers that I didn’t quite expect. I first went to eat there with a friend a couple of days ago, and one of the people in the white hats stopped by to chat and asked us how our meal was. Not thirty minutes later, someone else stopped by with an unexpected treat. They’d made an extra froyo, they said, and would we like to have it? You didn’t have to ask us twice!

mmfreshensSo, sound off, what do you think of Freshens? Will you be crepin’ around there for lunch?

Laura “Crepin” Lowe

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