jaded, stupid and wreckless.

these three words can sum up just about any teenager, especially one in high school. i definitely miss being in high school and spending time with the friends that i’ve had since i was three years old.  when i go home, i feel like it’s a battle coming back. i spend time with all of my closest friends and we do things that we always have and then i come back here, and its different for sure. i don’t have the bond with the people here that i do at home and people here are a lot different. there’s nothing wrong with any of that. it just such a change for someone who likes habit and familiarity.

when you’re in high school, everything just seems like a joke. it seems like college is forever away, and it really isn’t. from the time you’re a freshman in high school to the time when you’re a freshman in college, time really does fly. you have a lot to worry about and prepare for in those four or five years. not everyone gets that preparation and it’s a huge slap in the face when the time does roll around.

i think that everyone is nostalgic for their high school friends and memories. i never regretted one stupid thing that i did in my four years of high school. it was a learning experience and its always nice to look back with your friends and laugh at how stupid you were.

to all my high school friends, i’ll never regret these years.


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