It’s Friday the 13th, dun dun dun

As I was walking out of Fisher Hall today, it registered that today is Friday, the 13th. Then this music played in my head.

Are you superstitious? Does Friday the 13th make you pause?

I guess I think of myself as the non-superstitious type except when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. So, by rule that makes me superstitious. Can’t wash my Hines Ward jersey if they win, check. Must have the same routine for every game day, check. Must sit in the same spot on the couch as the previous week, check. Because I’m going to influence the outcome of the game, right? The team can hear the things I yell at the TV, can’t they? By the way, there’s been a lot of yelling at the TV this year as their current record (5-8) isn’t anything to brag about.  My emotional state has resembled that of the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross model of the, “Stages of Grief”. I think I’m somewhere between Anger and Bargaining.

But, I’m not superstitious. Remember?

This graph only reinforces the highs and lows we as Steelers fans encounter.


What superstitious behaviors do you have? Leave a comment and tell us. Do you do anything crazy as it relates to sports, school, life?

-Jason aka the non-superstitious Steelers fan

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