It’s Fall, That’s All

brottier commons
Enjoying the new view from my bigger room down the hall from my old room in Brottier. Love checking out campus all day!

Welcome back everyone!

It seems like we’ve all settled into the new semester by now, and for some of us, this will be our last Fall semester on campus.  That reality brings about a lot of different emotions– pride that we’re another step closer to graduating, excitement to start a new chapter of our lives and even a bit of anxiety about finding our first “real” job.

Since I’m a part of the senior class this year, I thought it might be helpful for readers if I focused a lot of my posts on internships, the career search and all the other final steps in leaving campus to enter the real world.  To my fellow seniors, we can go through this transition together, and to all the underclassmen, hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes (and hopefully more successes!) before you enter your own senior year.  Another blogger already touched upon the end to summer internships (Check out Maria’s post, “Summer Internships- A Test Drive For the Rest of Your Life” if you haven’t already done so!), so for now enjoy hanging around campus, and get ready to fill your year with experiences and activities that will prepare you for the rest of your lives.  That’s the whole point of college anyway, right?


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