Internships: Pathway to the Future

Internships are the stepping stone for your future. Some are paid and some are unpaid. Although that may seem to be an important factor for many, the real payoff is the invaluable learning experiences you will receive. These hands-on experiences give you a chance to apply what you have learned in the classroom to a real life situation in your field of study. Most importantly, through internships, you are able to develop an impressive portfolio containing samples of all of your hard work to present at future interviews.


At Duquesne, we are lucky enough to have these opportunities right at our fingertips because we are in such close proximity to the city. Our city is full of big name companies such as BNY Mellon, Highmark, UPMC, U.S. Steel, PNC and many more. But just as there are big name companies located in downtown Pittsburgh, there are also smaller companies, non-profits, and other organizations that have a great reputation and will also make any resume look more appealing to a future employer.


Usually, the end of sophomore year is when a student should start to look into possible internships for the next semester. It is never too early to market yourself but keep in mind that applying for internships can seem like a daunting task at first. Where do you even start? Luckily for Duquesne students we have many resources that are available to guide us along our journey.


First stop: your resume. This piece of paper serves as your first impression before you even meet the interviewer. Your resume is made up of your education, skills and strengths, work experiences, etc. This is where you hook the employer to hopefully grant you an interview. If you have no clue where to even start, fear not! Just click on this link for information on how to schedule a meeting with a career advisor.


Make sure that you print your resume on good quality resume paper. This step is worth the investment because it makes a good impression with a future employer. Now that your resume is printed, you may ask yourself, “now what?” Well, your next step is to send out your resume to businesses that interest you. Don’t just send out your resume randomly. Do a little research and see which companies suit you and what career path you would like to travel.


One of the best ways to get your resume into the hands of future employers is to utilize DuqConnection. This website helped me get my first internship with a small non-profit in downtown Pittsburgh. DuqConnection allows students to customize their searches based on their field of study, types of companies, paid or unpaid and where the internship is located.



Career Services is a one stop shop for all of your internship and job questions. In addition, they offer many networking opportunities, resume workshops and other events that will prepare you for your future ahead.

Remember that your future is right around the corner and your first stop to a bright one is a good internship.


–Maria Londino

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