Hurry up and wait…

That’s about how I feel right now.

Throughout the first six weeks of school, I spent every minute of free time applying to graduate school: updating my resume, filling in my basic info, and sending transcripts from every school I’ve ever attended. I chased down professors and former bosses for letters of recommendation, and tried to convey what I want to do with my life in a statement of purpose.

Although I am a Journalism major, sometime recently I decided that is not what I really want to do. I’ve applied to a few graduate schools for my Master’s of Arts in Teaching for middle grades (4-8) in English and Social Studies. I have enough required courses from my English minor and some sociology, history and political science classes.

I’ve realized that I really enjoy working with younger students through my experience with Strong Women Strong Girls, tutoring, and my job at the Pittsburgh Young Leaders Academy. I often tell my younger sister, who is applying to colleges this year, that you won’t know what you really want to do until you are exposed to a few different areas in college. I never would have known that I like working with students so much if I had not gotten involved in different activities.

It really is true when people tell you that you can always change your mind. Even when you are one semester away from graduation…

I applied really early to undergrad, and was rewarded by hearing back from schools soon after. Because of this, I chose to work hard at the beginning of the school year to apply to a handful of school and get it out of the way. After weeks of reading and re-reading my essays and resume, and getting a million documents and test scores together, all I can do now is wait…


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