Hurricane Sandy Prolongs Halloween Hijinks (and a brief message from Steve Rogers)

My good pal "Ramona Flowers" (from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World) looks on at the Duquesne DACAC Halloween Party at the Union.
My good pal "Ramona Flowers" (from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World) looks on at the Duquesne DACAC Halloween Party at the Union.

Halloween is one of those days of the year when normal rules don’t apply. You can have Superman studying at Gumberg, a giant pickle walking around on a-walk, gypsies and pirates and zombies running around and no one will blink. Okay, they’ll blink, but it’ll be in the nice way, and they won’t run away or try and send the caped crusaders over to western psych. Halloween is a great time for getting to know new people and bonding with complete strangers over your outfits, or the fact that you’re carrying a giant shield into a crowded elevator. *ahem* That may have been me.

Me dressed up as Captain Stephanie Rogers, my costume this year.
Captain Stephanie Rogers, ie genderswap Captain America. I have no idea who this person is, but she’s watching you!

The leftover showers from Hurricane Sandy have been nightmarish, soaking us to the bone and making us hide our lovely costumes under some trusty raincoats. Neighborhoods like Westview have postponed their trick or treating until 6 p.m. Saturday night.

For those few odd people who don’t celebrate Halloween (jk Alyssa :P), it might not matter. For others, it’s a chance to spread out the hijinks.

Mine have been going since the commuter council Halloween lunch last Friday. They may have involved painting a pumpkin so it looked like Betty Boop, running across campus with a giant Captain America shield to turn in a late paper, responding to people with lines from Avengers, and walking into a psychology research meeting with face paint and being greeted with a chorus of giggles. What are some of /your/ Halloween hijinks?

I leave you with a brief closing statement.  I think Steve Rogers/Captain America’s Halloween advice would go a little like this: Gosh! Have fun, son (or daughter), just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Also, beware of Loki.

-Laura or just for today,
Steve Rogers (if he were born a woman, and decided to dye his hair brown)


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