I promise, HR@DU isn’t some confusing new emoticon. It stands for Human Rights at Duquesne University!

This past Friday and Saturday evenings, Duquesne Towers was treated to a special appearance by the Students for Human Rights group raising money by selling grilled cheese. Had you been there, you might have witnessed the extraordinary draw that the scent of butter, cheese, and bread can work on members of the student body. The group sold out of supplies at the end of each night (as they so proudly announced on their Facebook and Twitter pages), so some of you may have been part of the lucky few to have supported the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Students for Human Rights at Duquesne University
Students enjoying their time selling grilled cheese in Towers :)

But hey, maybe you didn’t have any money or weren’t even in Towers this weekend. That’s okay! You can still get involved in the fight for global human rights on campus.

First off, you should know that Students for Human Rights aren’t the only people actively working for human rights on campus. The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures hosts its annual Human Rights Film Series this semester. Every week between January 16th and February 21st, the Department will be showing a film (for FREE!!) at 7 PM in 105 College Hall. The lineup this year looks great and spans over several different issues. The advertising, communication, or women’s studies majors might want to save January 29th on their calendars. Those interested in the environment will love The Last Mountain, showing this Wednesday. But, of course, those aren’t the only films showing, nor are they the only people who will be interested. I attended almost each event for the films last spring. I know a lot of people thought the movies were going to depressing downers. But I thought most were very inspiring, showing solutions for the issues and offering important information for people to make a difference in their everyday lives. Check out this link for more information on the entire series!

2013 Human Rights Film Series
2013 Human Rights Film Series

You can also learn more about human rights just by learning about other peoples’ cultures. Check out the International Student Organization (AKA ISO). Go to one of their meetings and make some friends, or go to some of their events with friends! The best option of these is obviously going to the events with the friends you make at the meetings. 😉

Keep your eyes peeled for more events happening around campus this semester—it’s going to be a big one. Make sure you check out everyone’s websites and get involved! I’m excited to see you there!!

Love always,

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