How I am making it through

This is an all-around stressful time for students: finishing up the semester, trying not to blow months of hard work, preparing for a quick transition to summer, along with everything else! Now that the weather is improving, all I want to do it go to lunch with friends and run outside. One of my friends commented that she wishes we had a few days on campus without school before the end of the summer to hang out and catch up without having to worry about tests and papers. I’ve been making it though these stressful weeks by keeping my calendar straight, doing yoga, and thinking about the bigger picture.

Keeping my calendar straight isn’t a new priority for me, but it takes on a new importance this time of year. Between final paper due dates, extra credit events to attending, and buying 6 tri-fold posters for my job, I need my calendar now more than ever. If you don’t usually use a calendar, I recommend using one for the next few weeks. At the very least, you may need a calendar to keep track of your final exams. (Here is the final exam schedule:

Secondly, I am doing yoga. This is not only because I have been tense and stressed, but because I am trying to take advantage of the free group fitness classes at Duquesne. (Here is the schedule: Emory has fitness centers, but the group fitness classes are extra money, which I don’t plan on spending. Because of that, I am trying to make time each week to attend one or two classes at the Power Center, usually yoga. Yoga helps me stretch out from running and relax.

Finally, I keep myself focused on the bigger picture. Realistically these tests are not the end of the world. I have worked hard all semester and I’m sure I’ll be fine. Stop freaking out.


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