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As a freshman at Duquesne, my course load is still somewhat generic. Given, I am not taking at accounting or intensive science classes, but I still have found I am learning about a broad range of topics. I have been told that as I get deeper into my (unknown) major, classes will be more specific, but for now, I am still covering many requirements by taking liberal arts cores.

Considering this, I just figured I would share a little about my course load this semester. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have the same, early morning schedule. At 8, I have my literature core, Imaginative Literature. The particular sect I chose to take has a subtitle of sorts: The Quest for Self. With a reading curriculum covering The Catcher in the Rye and The Crying of Lot 49, we have a lot of interesting discussions. I would certainly recommend this class to others. Shortly after, at 9, I have Sociology of Religion. Although this is not my favorite class, I feel that I am learning valuable things in this course. I find it rather challenging because it involves a lot of long, scholarly readings and most of the students are upperclassmen, but so far I have been able to hold my own. My third and final class of the day, statistics, is over by 11. Still, I manage to feel worn out when we are dismissed. Statistics, which will fulfill my math requirement, is going well so far. Although I do grasp the concepts, for all non-math minds, my professor makes statistics easy to follow and understand. At first, I was afraid to fulfill this requirement; college math was threatening. However, I am finding that with careful explanations and a dedicated professor, even math can make sense.

I consider my Tuesdays and Thursdays easier than other weekdays because I only have two classes on those days. At 9:25, I have Understanding Art with my learning community. It is refreshing to see familiar faces, especially so early in the morning. Although I only have one class with them this semester, I still find my fellow classmates a helpful resource. Later that day, I have a class entitled Social Problems. I would have to say this is my favorite class; we attempt to analyze and understand social problems such as poverty and discrimination.

In all, I am happy with my schedule this semester. Hopefully, I can manage to achieve as high as I did last semester!


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