home, sweet home?

well, it’s now sunday evening and classes begin tomorrow morning, for me at 9 a.m. am i scared? not really, i’m really quite excited, actually. my first class is one that i was hoping so much to have. its called interpersonal communications, which my best friend took last semester and loved! he used to tell me about it and i used to say, “oh please let me have this class!!” thank you duquesne for making it part of my learning community!

the past week of orientation has been so hectic and crazy. making new friends hasn’t been too easy for me, but i’ve also been a little sick lately, so i’m trying to avoid too much contact in case it’s a contagious cold. however, the ones that i have made are really nice and a lot of fun. we have so much in common, and they either live in towers or are close by in st. ann’s or st. martin’s.

however, i do find myself missing toronto. i always said that once i got here i was never coming back. guess who’s going home friday? yes, i’m going back to my hometown, just for the weekend though. i love campus life. i feel like i’m free and i can make my own decisions. i feel like an adult. its a great feeling, and i’m so glad that i get to experience it here.

you’re gonna tell your family that you’ll never be home too. they’ll try to tell you otherwise, and of course you’ll stand your ground and fight that you won’t (especially if you’re stubborn and hard headed like me) but you’ll go home quickly after getting here. you’ll realize that you forgot vital parts of day to day life for you and you’ll run out of milk. for me, its both of those things, but it’s also the fact that i miss my friends. i miss my nephew, who’s three years old and getting into the “i’m a big boy, leave me alone” stage. that’s not something that i like, but at the same time i don’t wanna miss it. things like that i don’t wanna miss out on. he’s my hero, considering he’s had seven surgeries on his heart since he was born. his first one was at one week and his last one was at two maybe? he may have even still been one. the point is, his heart could take a turn for the worst at anytime. i try to soak up as much of him and his attitude as i can. just because you never know.

even though i come from toronto, ohio, duquesne towers room 922 is now my home. i already feel like i’ve been here forever, and i know that i’ll miss it when it comes time to go home for the summer and then move into a different room when i come back next year.

as far as living duquesne life, so far so good! once classes start tomorrow, we’ll see how i feel.


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