Happy New Years from the Bluff

Trust me, this broom is relevant to the story.
Trust me, this broom is relevant to the story.

New Year’s traditions, everyone has them. Whether you’re updating your Facebook status with your thoughts on the past year, writing a metric ton of resolutions, watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in your snuggie, or partying and singing “Auld Lang Syne” with those people you don’t see the rest of the year…. You have something that makes your New Year’s special.

In my family, the tradition that takes the cake is cleaning. You heard that right, not partying hard, not champagne… just ye good old elbow grease, scrub-the-floor-cleaning…. Why is this, you ask?

I’ve always been taught to greet the January 1st as if every single day of the New Year will be that way. So, I got up this morning, ran on the treadmill, cooked a nice meal for some family time, then rolled up my sleeves and scrubbed. I mean, an effortlessly clean house for the whole year sounds pretty sweet, right?

Whether there is any mystical New Year’s magic helping me out or not, New Year’s does a lot to kick me into gear for what’s coming up next. New semester, classes, friends….new ups and downs and all-arounds… I feel like I’m ready.

From us at Duquesne to you, have a wonderful (and safe) New Years. Live it, and the rest of your vacation like you want the rest of your year. Go get ’em, Tiger. 😉

And, on the off-chance that some of you are homebodies, like I am, this NYE, what are some of /your/ traditions to ring in the new year?

~Laura “Auld Lang Syne” Lowe

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