Happy Finals Season!

oddsHappy finals season! I’m here to make sure that you beat those finals and they don’t beat YOU. From reading things from a few websites over the years to my very own experience, I can give you 10 good tips to leave those exam rooms a winner:

1. If you start to zone out, stop and take a break. If you’re not focused then you won’t retain anything. Which brings me to number

2. If it’s 2am and you’re yawning and the coffee isn’t working, GO TO SLEEP. You’re better off going to bed and waking up a few hours later than staying up all night and not absorbing any information. You ARE “studying” right? So do it the way that it will work. SLEEP.

3. Listen to classical music – since there aren’t any words, your brain is only focused on your work and not on what the song is saying. You’ll snap out of your work and not even realize the music was even playing.

4. Find a study hiding spot and don’t tell anyone – it’s nice to have friends around, but sometimes you don’t notice how much you DIDN’T get done because you were too busy listening in on a conversation or having one of your own. Find a quiet place to study and keep it to yourself. I myself actually found one just this week 😉

5. Start early — don’t wait until the week before the exam to start studying. The earlier you start, the more “okay” it will be in case you miss a study session and more ready you will feel because there will be less cramming.

6. MAKE A STUDY SCHEDULE!!! This is most important. I can’t do anything right without one of these. My freshman year was the craziest during finals because I had papers on papers on papers and vocabulary to memorize and a ton of stuff to write down. Each day I set myself a list of tasks that were DOABLE and that was ALL I focused on. I passed all my finals and even got all As :)

7. Exercise – go to Sam’s fitness classes in the Power Center. Pick a class, any class. You won’t regret it. You will leave de-stressed and feeling energized and great.

8. Write in colored pens – it’s just exciting. Do it.

9. Make the room a little chilly – my high school law teacher once told us the reason why the school was always so cold was because it makes us focus better.

10. Chew gum while studying, then chew that same flavor during the test – it helps you remember.



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