Halloween Postponed!!!

hurricane sandy, taken from weather.com


Okay, I admit it; I am the Halloween “grinch.” I hate the holiday, I don’t get it, and I haven’t participated in any costume wearing or trick-or-treating since I was in middle school about ten years ago. In fact, my three years as an RA have been characterized by duty nights and a sport called “costume watching” which involves sitting at the front desk voting some innocent passer-by with the title of best Halloween costume and I must admit, I am certainly the Simon Cowell judge, the harshest critic. In sum, I think I have proven myself to be a true Halloween hater… but that doesn’t mean I want the holiday cancelled!!

Let me back track a little to Halloween 2011 – I was all holed up in my humble abode in St. Ann’s, on duty, as usual, when my parents called me with news of a giant storm predicted to hit North Jersey/NYC (sound familiar?). My hometown, only 10 miles from NYC, was hit extremely hard in 2011 and my family lost all power and heat for a week. Needless to stay, school and of course trick or treating was cancelled. My siblings, at 8 and 10, where beyond disappointed. And here they are again, a full year later and in the same exact predicament as they were last year! Only this week, Hurricane Sandy is expected to be the “perfect storm,” with high tide, and a full moon approaching at simultaneously. Trick or treating is not only cancelled in New Jersey, but even in Pittsburgh, Halloween has been postponed.

Thinking back to being a kid, I enjoyed Halloween more than I let on nowadays. Just for a quick re-cap, my favorites were an old lady in 3rd grade, a teabag in 6th, and of course, my homemade flapper costume from 7th. I have to admit, I can’t imagine growing up without Halloween and all the fun that comes with it… that is, until high school (well… certainly college!). I am sad that my siblings have lost not one, but TWO important years of Halloween fun at the age while it is most appropriate and exciting.

While on the subject though, kind of eerie that a huge storm has hit at the same time completely postponing Halloween, isn’t it? I guess it the perfect time of year for that!

Stay safe, dry, and in costume while you weather the storm.

Have fun!

Alyssa Federoff

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