Guest Blogger: Molly Kirwan Talks “Internship Crunch Time”


One of the most important things a student in the liberal arts can do while they are in the McAnulty College and at Duquesne University is gain relevant professional experience. As someone once told me, “Nothing replaces experience on a resume.” I could not agree more with that statement. Although we pride ourselves as liberal arts practitioners in teaching you broad and deep thinking, writing and communication skills, and the ability to problem solve, relevant professional experience also matters. Earning the education itself is important, what you do with it and how you apply it is more important.

This is the first of a multi-part blog series in which we feature a current student in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts in their pursuit of an internship and professional experience. Molly Kirwan joins us this week as a guest blogger to share her experience pursuing a high-level opportunity in Washington, DC.

Molly Kirwan
Molly Kirwan, guest blogger.

“As a junior at Duquesne University studying International Relations and Economics, I have officially entered into “internship crunch-time.” Given my aspiration to go to law school, and the lack of available law internships for undergraduates, my search has been complicated. Initially I was hoping for something in Pittsburgh close to campus that was involved in international corporate law; K&L Gates was my main contender. However aside from getting coffee and nothing else, there were no options for an undergraduate. Feeling discouraged I spoke to my advisor in the Liberal Arts school and she told me about the Washington Internship Institute and Duquesne’s partnership with them.

The program involves living in Washington DC for a semester while taking two classes, a seminar, and participating in an internship all for credit that transfers to Duquesne. The program offers different ‘tracks’ of study. They vary from “Women in Leadership,” to “International Law,” with a little something for everyone in between. The program seemed too good to be true. I even get to stay on track to graduate early!

I am still in the process of applying, but once hopefully accepted, I will be given a mentor  who will help me through the application process for the various internships. Right now I am hoping to be accepted into an internship involving some aspect of the United Nations. I feel that this will be beneficial because it represents another option for me regarding my future. I could either go the law school route, as I have planned my whole life, or go into the unknown. This internship somewhere outside the field of law, represents the unknown.”

Thanks, Molly. Well said. In part two of this series, we’ll hear from a student who currently is interning and what that experience has been like. More on that story, next week.

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