Guest Blogger: Erin Hess “Advertising Week”

Every so often, we like to feature guest bloggers and highlight some cool things happening with our students in the College of Liberal Arts. Today’s guest blogger, Senior, Erin Hess shares a life changing experience of recently attending Advertising Week in New York City.


“Know the room before you walk into the room,” said Pete Cashmore, CEO and Founder of Mashable, at the CEO Connectors panel at AWXI.

I thought I knew this “room” I was walking into, but boy I was in for a big surprise. Advertising Week is the world’s premiere annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders each year in New York City. As a blog contributor for Advertising Week’s Social Blog, I had the privilege of attending this week of thought leadership earlier this fall.

Filled with CEO’s and top Creatives from companies I only read about daily in Advertising Age and Fast Company, I ventured into the Big Apple for a week that absolutely thrilled me. One day I sat next to and photobomed a selfie with Katie Couric and the next day I was chatting with the Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan. But, my favorite starry-eyed moment was when I met Pete Cashmore. Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation (aka basically my bible). Not only did I get to meet the founder of my favorite media outlet, I asked him the most pressing question on behalf of Liberal Arts soon-to-be grads everywhere:

How do we, the connected generation, become more employable? As some of us are falling off of Facebook, how should our connectivity prove we are nimble? What do you need to see from Millennials who want to work for you?

Pete Cashmore responded with this:

“We’re a very creative culture. When we look at who we want to work at Mashable… it’s about being creative, being able to tell stories on different mediums, on really both sides of the business: from editorial to advertising.”

“It’s about do you enjoy expressing yourself, do you enjoy trying out new mediums and telling stories?”

“It’s not necessarily about, you know, what is the specific update on your Facebook or how many followers do you have. That’s not really what we’re in the business of. It’s about creativity, what can you add, what value can you add.”

“We’re experimenting with tools in different ways. We hired someone maybe a year ago who was just an amazing Snapchatter! We didn’t know you could be that creative on Snapchat doing these doodles. When we bring these people in, it adds so much new life and energy and creativity and they are able to do things with very small canvases that are extremely creative.”

There you have it, friends. Don’t worry about your follower count, or posting the right article of Facebook. Express yourself with a creative and a compelling story…and then get hired at Mashable.

Looking into a pool of potential employees, Pete Cashmore wants  “…ways of telling stories that go beyond what you might expect.”

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