Growing pains

As I graduate college, move away from home and begin graduate school in the next few months, it seems like everything in my life is becoming more adult-like. Everything except my wardrobe, that is!

Sure, I have a few nice outfits for interviews and fancy dinners, but as far as being prepared to student teach and NOT be dressed in the same clothes as them, I am not ready!

College students are notorious for stumbling into class in our pajamas and wearing sweatpants for weeks at a time. Although I don’t wear sweats everyday, I’m pretty sure I only have one pair of jeans without holes in them!

In an attempt to look older than the 7th graders I’ll be students teaching, I took my mom’s 30% off coupon and headed to Kohl’s this weekend. I don’t like shopping and I have a hard time finding clothes that fit, but I was determined! After a few hours and my sister’s help, I left with a few professional looking shirts, pants and skirts. I still have a long way to go, but my shopping spree was a step in the right direction!

If I can give one piece of advice from my experience, it is to build your “adult” wardrobe while your in college. If you are going to spend money on clothes, maybe get a nice shirt or pair of pants instead of another Duquesne hoodie. Then, when you graduate and are suddenly adult, you are dressed appropriately!


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