Ground Breaking of Genesius Project

On April 15, 2014 Duquesne University broke ground on a new $4.5 million, 10,500 square-foot black box theater, referred to as the Genesius Project.

From our colleagues in Public Affairs, “When completed in the 2015–2016 academic year, The Genesius Project will provide seating for up to 160 people in a space that can be adapted to a wide variety of performance needs. The building will also have a set-building shop and dressing rooms, as well as areas for classes, rehearsals and storage.

The Genesius Project derives its name from Genesius of Rome, a third-century actor. According to legend, in a satire mocking Christianity staged for the Emperor Diocletian, Genesius underwent a transformative religious experience and converted to Christianity. Defying orders to renounce publicly his new faith, he was tortured, executed and was eventually named the patron saint of actors and other performers.”


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