graffiti dance!

so last night was the graffiti dance. i’m sure some of you are thinking “huh?”, so let me explain.

basically, at orientation you get a white t-shirt that says duquesne university graffiti dance and some other random things on it. most of the people end up having fun with them and cut the sleeves off (like i did) or do something creative to them. on wednesday night you go to the duquesne ballroom, in the student union, and you get sharpie markers. they turn you loose, along with your ENTIRE freshman class and you go crazy! you dance, you eat, drink pop or water or juice, and of course sign as many people’s shirts as possible! its a great way to meet people and you end up meeting most of your freshman class.

now, i’m going to be completely honest here. i am so ridiculously shy with some people. i have no idea why, i think its because of the vibe i get. i go with vibes a lot, its weird, but its how i do things. the people that i did meet, however, were super nice and even though i can’t remember everyone, i can remember some faces. names are the things that escape me.

tonight its off to entertainment night with the dueling piano’s and comedian buzz sutherland.

look for videos of that also!!


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