Goodbye Sweet Summertime!

It’s finally here. The weekend we dread all summer long. It’s the final weekend of summer vacation. I’ll be spending it with my best friend that will soon venture 2 hours south of home while I will soon find myself 5 hours north of home. I’ll do some shopping for new shower shoes and school supplies with my mom. I’ll again realize the insane possibility that is fitting an entire dorm room into the back of my car. But when this weekend ends, the countdown to life back on the bluff will finally dwindle down.

Don’t get me wrong, summer is great. Reconnecting with old friends, spending time with my family, and the freedom of no 8am class on Monday morning are the simple pleasures summer lets us enjoy. However, every afternoon spent searching for something to do and every moment of the infamous summer boredom has had me dreaming of life back on the bluff. Most people think I’m crazy to be so excited to head back to school but there are so many great things about being at Duquesne that I can’t imagine not being excited to move back in. So here’s an entire post dedicated to erasing your end of summer blues and getting you excited to be back on the bluff!


McCall’s top 10 reasons to be excited to be back at Duquesne

  1. Moving back in means seeing those friends that live states away during the summer months.
  2. For some of us, like blogger Mora, it means starting the year off at a Duquesne away from Pittsburgh and in a foreign country!
  3. Duquesne means having a Starbucks in walking distance at all times. For those of us that are addicted to coffee, this is a major plus.
  4. A new semester brings new classes, new professors, and another chance to reach our academic goals.
  5. Similarly to number four, a new semester is another chance to get involved on campus!
  6. For those of us that miss riding boots and sweaters during the summer months, the school year means fall and fall brings perfect boots and sweater weather!
  7. If you don’t care about fall fashion, there will at least be crunchy leaves to step on all around campus!
  8. Fall also brings MLB playoffs, football season, and in October, hockey season! In case you forgot, Pittsburgh is the best sports town!
  9. Being at Duquesne again means having the entire city of Pittsburgh to explore on any boring afternoon. Who doesn’t love a nice walk to the Point on a Friday after class?
  10. Like every semester at Duquesne, there are countless opportunities for you to develop academically, professionally, and spiritually all around campus!


Now to start packing! See you all soon!


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