Five Simple Steps to Take to Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Lazy in College

*gasp* “A college Freshman can feel lazy and unmotivated sometimes?!”

Yes, of course I can.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to say that anyone in college, at any given time, to feel like doing absolutely nothing at times. I think this is a natural feeling. We get bogged down with school work, “regular” work, and anything else one could be doing. Although these feelings are somewhat common, it is very important to try to become motivated again, especially when midterms or finals are coming around (exactly what’s happening to me right now). It is important not to let yourself go when there’s much to do. That being said, here are five simple ways (in no particular order) to get motivated:

  1. Get organized- For me, being organized is a crucial part of mustering up the motivation to write that 10 page paper or study for that big exam. Whether it be changing the sheets on my be, or color-coding my planner, getting organized puts my mind at ease so that I may focus on getting up and moving,
  2. Get some exercise- There are times when getting bit by a piranha sounds more appealing than going to the gym for me, but once I do I feel so much better. A body in motion stays in motion, and getting your energy up through exercise can help clear your mind. Also, exercising releases endorphins, which can help lift someone out of a slump of being unmotivated.
  3. Try connecting with old friends, or hang out with new friends- It is key to have at least a few friends who will go through hell and high-water with you. Maybe you haven’t been able to see them as of late because of your schedules. Also, maybe you befriended a new person in the library when you found out you both have the same majors. Try to see these people as often as you can- they can be a great deal of help, and they’d probably be very glad to see you as well. They can offer a new perspective on getting things done, or maybe inspire you to get moving!
  4. Interact with animals- I know what you’re doing. You’re laughing at that bolded statement. I know it may seem juvenile, but interacting with animals can help to boost morale, and even lift people out of depressions. Often times, animals can sense emotions in human beings, and their friendly interactions can be quite helpful. Also, animals are so cute and just wonderful in general. (Dogs, cats, rabbits, and domesticated birds are good recommendations. Please don’t go try to catch a groundhog or a deer in attempt to interact.)
  5. Identify your goals- I pride myself on having a vision in whatever I do. I don’t like to feel like I’m aimlessly trudging through life with no idea what I’m trying to accomplish. Writing down short-term and long-term goals can help clear the mind and clear a path for you. Setting realistic goals can help you eliminate extraneous steps in your day and help to bog you down a little less.

That’s all I’ve got for now, and please remember that what I just said isn’t a perfect system. Really, it all starts with you.





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