first day of class

it’s about 5:40 p.m. on monday, august 24th, 2009. i have officially ended my first day of classes as a freshman in the mcanulty school of liberal arts. it was a great day, given my classes ended at about 11:45 a.m. my first class, interpersonal communications, (comm. for short) was my favorite class of the day, although they all had their strong points for me. the professor seems like she’s excited about her job and teaching, and personally, that makes me want to learn more and makes it easier for me to learn. she went over the syllabus and touched upon the books, thank god, because some people either had the wrong books, or didn’t have all of the books.

pyschology was good, too. the professor is also my learning community leader. my community is personae, and it basically deals with people and how they interact with each other. learning communities are something for freshman that are in the liberal arts school. they help you meet and interact with other freshman in your major and school. they each have a service project that the whole group participates in. ours is with the YMCA, and i’m pretty excited about it. we get to deal with children and tutor them and play like a big-brother – big-sister kind of deal. learning communities can also help tell you a lot about yourself. you have your choice, and you pick your top three. personae was my second choice, but i’m so glad i got put in it. it made me realize that i really love psych! i wanna know why people do what they do and what makes them act the way they do. therefore, i’m thinking about double majoring.

research and info skills was interesting. its a computer class that seems to teach you how to do research properly, cite your works, and teaches you how to use common programs, like Word, Excel, and Power Point. i’m really hoping that we also touch upon writing MLA style papers, especially since my school never made us do them, which is absolutely horrible!!

overall, i love all three of these classes. they were exactly what i expected and i can’t wait to go back to them on wednesday, and then again on friday.

as for BPQ, enjoyment of music, and thinking and writing, we’ll see tomorrow.


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