Finding Direction

As my previous post declared, I have been thinking about switching my major from Journalism, but (obviously) remaining in the McAnulty Liberal Arts College (because it is the best school at Duquesne). Unfortunately, I am still uncertain what I want to major in. Although I have an idea of my ideal job, I am totally unsure of how to one day get there.

I told my advisor, Dixie, of my ideal profession:  I hope to be a motivational speaker on body image and its distortions. I hope to gain my accreditation through a best selling novel or the like. She gave me two suggestions, both of which I am planning to follow through with; seek guidance with Career Services and to never doubt the power of internships.

After leaving her office, I emailed Dr. McCauley of Career Services, who instructed me to complete a series of online tests, which would help her get a better understanding of my personality and ultimately, professional options. I did this, and met with her this past Friday. Together, we distinguished between possible careers and possible majors, and came up with a list of each that I may be interested in. Next, I have to complete my homework and research these fields before our next meeting. Thus far, Dr. McCauley has helped me realize I am not yet a lost cause, and furthermore, has sorted out some of my scattered thoughts. I would definitely advise any weary freshmen to speak with Career Services.

I also am happy to announce that I have arranged an internship with Courtney E. Martin, author of Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters. Aside from this novel, Courtney holds seminars and speaks at high schools etc. Attempting to combat the surplus of eating disorders and the like, Courtney encourages young women to be proud of their bodies. This summer, I will be working with her in Brooklyn, NY on an incredible project to campaign against media distortion of body image. Although I am far away in Pittsburgh, the project has already begun via email, and I am excited to work so closely with a woman living my dream.

I have been endlessly commended for my attempt to figure everything out, although I am just a freshman. Don’t wait to test the waters, look for an internship, or work with career services! It’s never too early.


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