My Favorite Class at Duquesne

As an IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) major at Duquesne, not only should I know the ideas behind the different facets of marketing and advertising, but I should be aware of how to keep them relevant to an actual career. That is what I learned in my class called “IMC Functions II: Advertising”, which I can definitely say has been my favorite class so far at Duquesne. This class is taught by Dr. Groom, who has experience both teaching advertising and marketing, and also real world experience with branding and agency work. This combination of teaching experience combined with real-world experience allowed for me to take away tons of ideas from this class and apply them to my aspiring advertising career.

One example of something I learned in class that I would be doing at an actual advertising agency job is writing and planning a creative brief. This is a concise document that a member of an advertising team creates as a road-map or overall plan to an entire advertising campaign. It is focused on one specific brand and addresses significant issues such as the brand’s ideals, the target audience, the purpose of the ad, and the surrounding competitive market. This allows the creative team to address the issues with creative solutions that can come in many different forms, such as print ads, websites, social media campaigns, interactive videos, marketing events, or word-of-mouth campaigns.

Brands Brands Brands everywhere. In this class, I was taught how to articulate the ideology of a brand, figure out their core values, and apply it to a target audience.

The fact that I had this class is crucial to my success in the advertising world. Dr. Groom is full of energy, knowledge of relevant current issues, an ability to relate to a young crowd of college students, and expertise in many facets of the industry. I highly recommend her, but I also highly recommend this class in general no matter who the teacher is because the information is not something you will learn and forget. This is one of the many classes I’ve had at Duquesne where I will walk away with information and a greater knowledge the subject, allowing me to plug it right into my career goals.

That’s one more thing I love about this University – Having classes with relevant topics, taught by professors with the expertise to convey the information in a way that not only informs you, but makes you a better professional.


– Jake Kurtz

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