Faculty Promotions and Tenure

Duquesne University President, Charles Dougherty, recently released this year’s Faculty Promotions and Tenure list.  I’ve bolded all the McAnulty Liberal Arts Professors.  Congratulations to everyone from Liberal Arts!

Promoted to Professor
Dr. Partha Basu, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Robert Bellamy, Journalism and Multimedia Arts
Dr. David Delmonico, Counseling, Psychology & Special Education
Dr. James Schreiber, Educational Foundations & Leadership
Dr. William Spangler, Accounting/ISM

Granted Tenure and Promoted to Associate Professor
Dr. Jennifer Bates, Philosophy
Dr. Yang Chen, Speech-Language Pathology
Dr. Laura Engel, English
Dr. Ellen Gawalt, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Kathy Glass, English (one of my favorite Professors at Duquense, if you ever get the chance to take one of Dr. Glass’ classes, go for it!)
Dr. Michael Harrington, Philosophy
Dr. Michael Jensen-Seaman, Biological Sciences
Dr. Gibbs Kanyongo, Educational Foundations & Leadership
Dr. Rita Mihailescu, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Judy Suh, English
Dr. Lisa Vernon-Dotson, Counseling, Psychology & Special Education
Dr. David Wasieleski, Management
Dr. Peter Wildfong, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Granted Tenure
Dr. Will Adams, Psychology
Dr. Robert Sroufe, Marketing

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