Facebook official

Nothing’s official until its “Facebook Official”, right?

Admit it, it’s true. You aren’t really his girlfriend until your relationship status says so (with his name, of course). Someone isn’t a true friend if you haven’t friended them on Facebook. Even Urban Dictionary has an entry for “Facebook Official”: “When an event has happened and it only really counts if it has been put on Facebook for everyone to see. Example: ‘So I heard that Jess has a boyfriend now, I’m not sure though because it hasn’t been made Facebook Official yet.'”

It’s Facebook official: I’m going to grad school at Emory!

Ok, that might be old news, but it’s Facebook official. Nevermind the deposit’s been paid, the lease has been signed and I already own an Emory hoodie. Once I joined the Emory network, there was no turning back. (kind of)

I got my Emory e-mail address today, and couldn’t resist joining the Emory network asap. (Don’t judge, you’d do it too.) I remember when I got my Duquesne e-mail address before freshman year and was so excited to join the Duquesne network. (Actually, that was back when only college students could have Facebook. Those were the days!)

No turning back now; it’s Facebook Official.


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