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I recently went on a little trip to Boston. Why? Because I could.

After a semester abroad in Dublin, I promised myself that I would make more of an effort to travel domestically. Being near an airport and all the fabulous cities of Europe, I took advantage of the ability to immerse myself in new places and cultures. Though we do not have much of a language barrier in the US, we do have plenty of places and spaces to explore! Especially from Pittsburgh, we have so many forms of travel available to us, and you can take part!

Admittedly, flying isn’t as easy or affordable here as it is in Europe. Nonetheless, you have ample opportunities to get out and fly! The 28X stops right outside Mercy hospital on the Boulevard of the Allies and is a short ride to the airport(less than an hour). Given the comparatively low volume of people traffic at the Pittsburgh International Airport, getting through security and around the terminals is quick and efficient! Don’t forget, you can check in online and go through the alternate security checkpoint – all time savers!

Next to flying, we also have the train available to us. You may be thinking “What, train? Seriously, that’s such an archaic form of travel.” I beg to differ. Amtrak recently announced a residency program for writers, so they may take an all-expenses paid round trip for 2-5 days on one of their trains! Talk about a dream! I’ve used Amtrak to get to and from Chicago a few times, mostly as a means of fulfilling a personal dream to take a train somewhere. Why? Again, because I could. You could take a trip to New York, and it’ll likely cost less than $80 and 10 hours of travel time.

If flying or riding trains isn’t your bag, surely you’re ok with the bus? Although the Megabus doesn’t have a ton of destinations from Pittsburgh, if you’re willing to make a few changes or connections, you can get anywhere. There’s also the Greyhound, which may have a few more destination options.

It takes less than 20 minutes to walk to the Amtrak or bus station. And to get the 28X? Less than 10 minutes from campus. And the 60's and 70's stop on Forbes! You can't get anymore convenient
It takes less than 20 minutes to walk to the Amtrak or bus station. And to get the 28X? Less than 10 minutes from campus. And the 60’s and 70’s stop on Forbes! You can’t get any more convenient

Even within our own city, we have a veritable plethora of spaces and cultures to explore. Hop on the T(you know we have a small light rail system, right?) to visit the North Shore or South Hills destinations. Get on any of the 60’s or 70’s buses to cruise through Oakland and Squirrel Hill. Be adventurous and find a way to Lawrenceville, Waterworks, anywhere! You have the will and there is a way.

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PPS – Check out all this public art just in Pittsburgh!

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