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Group of Students Coming out of high school can be a scary time. A new chapter in our life begins and we face new obstacles. These obstacles bring new experiences and challenges. They give us a chance to grow into who we will become in life. College is a time for growth and meeting new people. These people will help shape us as people. The transition from high school to college can be a difficult one, but new friends help us face this challenge and grow. Duquesne offers learning communities to incoming freshman to make this transion from high school a much easier one. It gives students the ability to interact with incoming freshman and make the transition together. You will be paired with students that have similair interests and will have three classes together in your first semester. The second semester you will have one class together. This is why Duquesne really operates under the impression of community. Community is important to the university and makes like easier for incoming freshman. College can be a lot to handle at first, but with a community of friends, the transition is much easier. I made new friends very easily in my learning community and have kept these friends ever since. Take advantage of the community experience Duquesne offers and you’ll see how easy the transition to college can be for you.

group of students

Learn more information through this link on your future learning community.


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