Example of Methods and Research Outlet of a Liberal Arts Student

Dear all,

A few weekends ago, I attended an Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at the University of Scranton. While there I gave a paper that I’d written for a class called “Philosophical Shakespeare” with Dr. Bates. Students in the liberal arts are often given opportunities to present their work at conferences / symposiums in their respective disciplines – they are often advertised through the student’s department chair via email. Not only are such conferences strong resume builders for those who wish to enter professions related to their major, but it can also be great fun spending the weekend with new individuals who share love for the same interests as you!

I have attached the paper for anyone who is interested. It may serve to give the reader an idea of what work in the liberal arts looks like, especially in Philosophy and English (core courses that all must take regardless of major).

Philosophical Shakespeare Paper

Much love,

Kristian Sheeley

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