Duquesne students helping in local communities

Recently Associate Dean, Dr. Evan Stoddard, and his honors college class completed a community service project at the Hazelwood YMCA.  Together, they helped to build an outdoor classroom.

Their project was recently featured in the Post-Gazette:

The Honors College devotes a semester every year to a neighborhood-based service project, and the students contribute their results as a gift to the neighborhood.

In getting to know the neighborhood, the students researched it and spent hours at a time for several weeks walking around, talking to merchants and preachers and people on the street, attending meetings and going to church.

In their class summaries, several wrote that the experience made them a little more worldly.

“This class has opened my eyes a lot more to the world around me that I normally don’t see,” said Kyle Wiltsey.

“I feel that I have a much greater awareness of the situations and conditions that disadvantaged people in poor communities have to deal with,” wrote Spencer Heaps.

You can learn more about service learning at Duquesne here and more on the Honors College here.

All the accompanying photos are courtesy of Dr. Stoddard.

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