duquesne, here i come!

that’s right! i am less than two weeks away from begining my freshman year at duquesne university! can we say THANK GOD!? i sure can. maybe i should tell you about me and my journey and decision and that business, as i’m sure you’re going through some of the same things i did.

well i’m crissy, first off. i’m from a small town in ohio, about an hour from pittsburgh. i’m crazy and easy to talk to. i’m all things art, music, writing, and reading. i love movies and will watch anything. you know, blah blah. boring boring, anyway, i never really wanted to go to college. in fact, i went to a two year vocational school my junior and senior years for cosmetology so that i could get my license to do hair as soon as i graduated. that changed fast though. i decided i wanted to go to school for drama. i was in three musicals when i was in high school and i loved every one of them!! i thought for sure thats what i wanted to do, but the auditioning thing scared me. so i decided not to go for that. however, i thought i had found the PERFECT school for me. it was literally in the middle of pittsburgh, which is where i belong. it was also quite close to duquesne, which was important because of a close friend. it had an english major, which i had just decided that i wanted to take up. i love english and have always been good in the subject. i decided to think about becoming a writer, so¬† i visited and loved it, but there was just something about it that seemed to feel a little weird. i wrote it off and told myself that i’d get used to it.

that close friend at duquesne, however, had talked me into applying just to see what would happen. i did, but i didn’t think i’d actually get in. i’m a smart girl, yes, but i thought that only the uber smart kids with a thirty on the ACT and a 4.0 GPA got in there. imagine my shock when i received that acceptance letter.

i decided to go to duquesne because, since i already knew people there, i’d visited a few times and i felt comfortable there. i knew my way around the campus okay, and it was so beautiful. i wasn’t right in the center of the city, but all i had to do was walk down a hill and i could be. i liked the seperation. the people there seem really nice and the classes that i have i cannot wait to start!!

well, it’s off to walmart for me to get more stuff for my dorm room. i’ll get on later and let you in on some of that too. as well as a dilema i’ve recently faced with my now ex-roommate. ugh!!


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