Duquesnable Outing Ideas: Kayacking

So what do you do when it’s a Friday, you’ve got all your homework done with (ha!) and you feel the urge for some good, clean, wacky adventures?

Luckily for you, there’s plenty of those to be had within walking distance of the bluff. Twenty minutes away, there’s PNC park, and I don’t mean just for pirates games.

Just down the stoop there’s Kayack Pittsburgh. Buff, friendly outdoorsmen, good prices (about $20 for two people in an hour), brightly colored kayacks, and the rolling Allegheny river as far as you can see… What’s not to love? (Besides that little second of terror as you realize that yes, the water is moving under you! )

When my compradres and I decided to tackle the waves, firmly strapped into our lifejackets, only one of us had ever done it before.

We got a quick run through on how to paddle and even little dryboxes to hold our phones and valuables even if we did capsize (god forbid!)  I, at least, am clutching my paddle in stark terror, in this picture.

Surprisingly, none of us fell in, for that one hour. Maybe not so surprisingly, as I took some really pretty pictures of the bridge, my paddle drifted off into the water, leading to an epic race to get it back.

The most important thing I took out of my field trip, though, was how I got to know my fellow Duquesne students. Two of them, I’d met just the day before at Duq’s mixer for the International Student Organization, which brings together students from overseas and different cultures so they can find their niche. (There’s also food.)

The three of us met after the food was all gone, chatted, made plans to do something, and a day later we were pals. I wonder how that happened. I think that maybe it’s that in the water together, no distractions–just you, your rowing partner, waves and the occasional goose or boat, you get to know and trust each-other. Those are the kinds of relationships you want to have with others in college.
So, take it from me, traipsing off campus for random adventures with your fellow students can be awesome. There are dozens of things you can do just a few minutes away from campus–market square, south side, north side… Kayacking may just be a good place to start!

Have fun on Fridays, weekends, in the couple hours you have off. Don’t be afraid to jump in the deep end. Just make sure to take a buddy with you. :)

Who knows? It may be someone you just met.



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