dorm room shopping, roommates, etc. etc.

alright so this is the fun part of going to school. shopping for your dorm room!! hooray!! haha. this has probably been the most stressful part of it. i’m really picky about color matching and things like that. when it comes to color matching, i am extremely ocd. so needless to say, i bought all black and white things for fear that my roommate would get something that did not match what i bought if i got something in color.

the sheets that you need are twin extra long and of course walmart carries them. so even if you’ve never heard of them and think “oh my god, where am i going to find these things?” have faith in your local walmart. yes, they really do have almost everything. the comforter, however is a different story. i’m just going to use my regular twin one. i’m not picky. it covers my feet, so whatever.

since i’m a freshman i don’t get the luxury of having an apartment style room, like those in brottier, so its the not-so-eco-friendly styrofoam plates and plastic silverware for me. i probably won’t be using them much though with my meal plan. so the enviroment shouldn’t hate me too much for now.

space is limited in the rooms, but each one has an amoir, a desk and chair, and a bed. my mother, for some reason is like, dead set on getting me an ottoman that doubles as storage. she says it will make good sitting space. uhm, mom…WHAT SPACE? but she means well. that’s another thing. listen to your parents and try to humor them as much as possible. ESPECIALLY if you’re the youngest like i am. it isn’t easy for them and many times in these cases, you have to be the adult because they may want to throw fits. so just be patient, they’ll get over it eventually.

another thing most people worry about is getting along with their roommates. the girl that i was supposed to room with seemed okay. she was nice, and it seemed like we were a little different, which is never a bad thing. however, due to personal reasons, she decided she wanted to switch living/learning centers and live some where else. she decided to text me and tell me this. i was a little freaked out, to say the least. i had no idea what to do. was i getting a new roommate? what was i going to do for a microwave? would i live by myself? i called the office of residence life and they told me i would be getting an email with my new roommate’s information soon. thank god.

but i think that’s enough story time for tonight. i’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, and won’t be back until the DAY BEFORE MOVE IN!! wow.


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