Dorm Food

My body is currently readjusting to cafeteria food from the home-cooked meals my mom had been supplying. Therefore, I have been thinking a lot about food. Here are some of my “can’t live withouts” of dorm eating.

Betty Crocker Mac and Cheese: This is, by far, my favorite Mac and Cheese ever! (It’s even better than stovetop Mac and Cheese.) I concede, it is a little pricy, however if you find it on sale at CVS, it’s 10 boxes for $10.00. I honestly could eat this every day.

Honey Nut Cheerios: Cereal is obviously easy and delicious. I eat my Honey Nut Cheerios every morning before my 8 A.M. classes… One added bonus to a cereal breakfast is that both milk and cheerios can be “flexed” at Short-Stop.

Oatmeal: When I get back to my room at 11 A.M., I am usually freezing from the Pittsburgh weather. Oatmeal is a quick fix and acts as a brunch, just hitting the spot. Sometimes, when I want to mix it up, I throw in scoop of peanut butter. This protein boost helps holds me over until lunch.

Nachos: I make easy “bootleg” nachos in my microwave. This is a cheap (but somewhat unhealthy) snack and Short-Stop sells all the ingredients. With a bag of chips, a container of salsa and a container of Queso dip, my at home nachos are made in minutes.

And of course,

Ben and Jerry’s: I personally adore Half Baked, but I’ve never had a bad ice cream flavor. Luckily, Short-Stop sells Ben and Jerry’s.

Any tips that can be added?


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