iPhones, iPads and laptops: these are just some of the vehicles that we use to tap into the social media age. It’s almost like every time we blink there is a new app that is meant to connect us to people whether they are in our area or somewhere out in the world. Apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram make up the foundation of social media which connects us to family and friends via posts, pictures and 140 character messages allowing us to update everyone about our daily happenings.

Even new apps like Tinder connect us to singles in our area and give us the option to strike up a conversation or we can use Keek and Vine which allow people to capture short videos of specific moments in time.

Although these apps connect us to different media outlets and other people, they in turn cause disconnect from the present. They remove us from our present experience into an experience that is slightly removed from reality.   

The picture above compares when Pope Benedict was installed as the newest Pontiff in 2005 and a picture from when the Vatican announced the Catholic Church’s new Pope, Francis I. It is amazing to see the true change in society through the lens of technology. In 2005, people used their eyes to engage in the present moment, fully ensconced in the current moment. Now, in 2013, people experienced this moment through the eye of their iphone or iPad and in essence are disengaging themselves from the present moment only to capture it and upload to social media.

Another example of this societal disconnect happened the other night when I was out to dinner with a group of friends. I took a look around the restaurant only to find everyone’s face light up like a Christmas tree from the light emanating from their glowing iPhones. Clearly, I am not innocent. Anyone that knows me knows that my phone is virtually super glued to my hand. I am a part of the social media generation and I am not ashamed. It’s a way of life for this generation. Technology will always be evolving and we will forever be connected.

However, just because technology has a large presence in our lives does not mean that we should forget to experience life in the moment; that is, without your phone in the air trying to capture it to post on Instagram. Remember, stay connected but don’t become disconnected with reality!

–Maria Londino

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