Did you know you don’t HAVE to pack on the Freshman 15?


Spinning Class!
This should be you!

The Freshman 15. All the talk is about that dreaded “freshman 15” from high school graduation up until sophomore year of college. Never wanting to ever gain those 15+ pounds during my first year in college, I made sure it didn’t happen. Long story short – I lost the 15 (ok, 14) instead of gaining them! Now entering the second half of my second year, seeing what has happened to my friends and other people from my past has left me speechless. These people think that just because everyone’s talking about this FRESHMAN 15 that you HAVE to gain that freshman 15! NO! You do not! My respect for the ones that took that as a joke is almost nonexistent — it’s harder to lose the weight than to¬†gain it. They never should’ve stopped caring.

People go to college because they want a good education to then lead them into the path to a good career, and you have to be healthy in all ways physically, mentally, and spiritually to be successful. Obesity is the number one issue going on in this world today, and more and more people are getting diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and shortening their life span — most are even kids and young adults. NOW is the time to get healthy because once they get older, it will be impossible. Good news, there is a solution for all of this. Don’t have time to go the gym by your house that you’re paying tons of money for? One of the wonderful things about Duquesne University is its gym in the Power Center — to get in all you have to do is slide your ID. In this gym there is a variety of workout machines, Zumba classes, yoga classes, group workouts, self workouts, personal trainers, EVERYTHING! If you ever have a free hour, or even 30 minutes (which I KNOW you do), head over to the gym and get on that bike and burn a few hundred calories instead of eating them at Off Ramp or Options. Another good thing is the options for food: there ARE the fried foods that causes this “freshman 15” to happen, but believe it or not there IS healthy food on campus! We have a Subway (two actually), boiled eggs, fruit, and healthy snacks by the registers at Off Ramp as well as in the convenience store that has been more of a convenience than anything else! Even Starbucks has healthy sandwiches! When in doubt, just get the turkey.
If you stay conscious about what you’re eating and you exercise, your brain will feel better. Exercising releases endorphins and makes you feel happy – so get on that elliptical after a stressful test or even before a test to get your brain going! If you make this a daily effort, you’ll sleep better, you’ll study better, you’ll all around FEEL better, and in the end, you will DO better and get those grades you’ve been wanting – all because you watched what you were eating and you exercised. Oh, and don’t forget the water. Lose the soda, lose the juice, lose the alcohol and focus on your health and what you want for yourself in the future. See you in the gym!

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