Date (Day) at the Carnegie Museum

The Carnegie Museum is brimming with things to see, including this fierce dinosaur.
The Carnegie Museum is brimming with things to see, including this short-armed, angry creature. :P

This weekend I found myself staring at my PDA, with three blank days ahead of me. I’m so used to being go-go-go that the prospect of three, totally (boring) days was more than a little unsettling. So I thought about it. What ordinary, run-of-the-mill thing could I do to broaden my mind, that wasn’t more than a bus-ride away? The answer was simple. To the museum it was!

I headed over to the Carnegie Art and History Museums, with a camera and date along for the ride. While there, I discovered that being at the museum didn’t suddenly turn me into an intense, intellectual scholar pondering the many art pieces on the walls. Instead, my date and I came to absurd psychological conclusions about the artists , snarkily mocked some of the more shocking art films in the curtained rooms, and took absurd pictures. It was a much better time than staring nervously at each other over drinks could have ever been.

At the end of the day, I thought, maybe that wasn’t so bad after all. There are many ways to enjoy art, and one of them is letting the child inside out to romp. In the gallery below are some of the pictures we took, with commentary. Some serious, most not.

What is /your/ favorite piece of art in the museum? What goofy pose are we missing? Let us know after the jump!


Edit: For those wondering about hours and pricing, hours are here and tickets are $11.95 with a college ID and $17.95 for adults.

~Laura “the Kid” Lowe

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