Customary Miscommuncations

After my first week of classes, I realized that I have been in trouble everyday for something. Monday, my clock burned out due to wattage problems; Tuesday when I left to get a drink I arrived a few seconds late to the second part of class; Wednesday I called my teacher a gossip by accident; Thursday I got yelled at for asking too many questions; Friday (finally) I only managed to make my host mother upset with me for trying to eat chicken with a fork and knife. Though all small and insignificant parts of my day, I have come to learn that the way of life in Spain, similar to life in America, has small changes that will frustrate those who don’t fully understand that foreigners do things different.

I am the foreigner in this case. I don’t close the door to the bathroom because I want people to know it’s available for use; I don’t close the door to my room either because I’ve never been used to doing that. All these differences is what makes a study abroad fun. The ignorance that we arrive here with goes away in time.

Things like this automated hamburger vending machine.

With the next week of classes, the final week of this orientation, I hope that I don’t get into anymore problems with my teachers, but I cannot promise that I won’t do something offensive without knowing it.

For those curious about my town, here are some photos from the past week:

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